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PCGen Character Sheet Reader

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**Please note that this app DOES NOT create characters, it imports .xml files generated by PCGen. Hero Lab users look at my other apps*It is unfair to leave a 1 star review complaining it doesn't create a character when it is highlighted in the description!---Just a quick note about the promised updates (21st May 2016):
I have had a few emails lately about the features I have been promising to bring to the app.
Admittedly I put that there were new features coming a long time ago, but since then I have started a new job and had to dedicate a lot of time to family, and as I develop the app in my spare time, progress has not been as fast as I'd like it to be.
Additionally the current app is not very maintainable and therefore hard to add new features without breaking things, I therefore have started from scratch for v2.x, this means it will take longer but already have a group of testers testing the new xml/portfolio importer.
Hopefully the approach I have taken this time will allow me to expand beyond just supporting Pathfinder and offer support for 5e etc...------PCGen Character Sheet Lite offers the same experience for free with adverts---
PCGen Character Sheet allows you to import .xml files generated by PCGen to create dynamic character sheets for use on your Android device.
If you want a character sheet app for your device but don't want to enter all the information manually onto your device, PCGen can do all the hard work of creating your character for you, and then just use email or Dropbox to import it into the App and make your character sheet mobile.
When you want to level up, just update your character on PCGen, email/Dropbox it to yourself and re-import!
Features include:
*Custom Dice rollers*Stat Linking - allows adjustments to stats to filter through to other areas of the sheet such as Skills and Attacks*Multiple character sheets, easily managed through tabs*Keep track of spell casting, health, subdual damage etc...*Campaign notes*Interactive help*Critical Focus (Pathfinder)
Things to note:
*Read the help screen on first load - it answers most questions!*All code used to make the character sheets look familiar to PCGen users, is my own.*CMB - the app detects whether your imported CMB Stat value is the same as your STR or DEX modifier, to determine which stat should affect it through Stat Linking (due to certain feats, whether you character size is Tiny etc...)*Conditional Save and Combat modifiers don't appear to actually be exported in the .xml, which is why the boxes will be empty, the boxes are present however to balance out the look and feel of the character sheet, and in preparation in case the information is exported in the future (though an app update would be required to read it).*Stat Linking does not affect damage done by bows, as the .xml does not identify Composite bows, if the name and description is custom and did not use the word "Composite" the app would have no way of knowing so this was omitted.*There is no ammo tracking as the .xml does not provide enough information to efficiently do this.*If you have you imported a problematic .xml file and the app crashes everytime it loads, use the app settings in android to clear data associated with the app.*Use the csheet_fantasy_generic_export.xml template to create your .xml file, all .xml files need to have the word PCGEN somewhere in the file name (upper/lower/mixed case is fine), and the extension must remain .xml, the app will try to read the files from default Downloads directory of your device, which is where email applications such as GMail should save files to by default.
If you have any problems with an .xml file or if you think something is wrong with how things are done, feel free to email me at (preferably with the .xml file).
Pathfinder® and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Paizo Publishing, LLC® and details can be found in the "About" tab within the app.